1. I’m currently on a pay as you go SIM here in the UK because I’m (hopefully) moving to the US in the near future. But I was looking in Three the other day at the new iPhones and I spotted they do one month SIM only contracts and I would get more minutes, text and data for the same price as what I’m paying now. 

    It’s apparently an online only thing so the guy took my name and phone number and said someone would call. Today they did (they’ve called twice yesterday but I was working) and I went through the whole process and the person on the phone was this funny African/Caribbean sounding guy who kept saying “Am I right?”.

    After he’d done the initial stuff he had to pass it over to his manager to sign off on and when the manager came on he started trying to sell me the extra stuff, like an extra SIM and a wifi dongle and such. I did the “Okay, okay, okay” bit as he went through it all and then said no thankyou. He passed me back to his colleague to finalise the delivery details.

    When the colleague comes back on the line she starts repeating back the minutes etc I’ll be getting and the monthly cost and when I can cancel etc and suddenly it’s now two SIMs I’m getting, one on a one month contract and one on a twelve month. So I say no I don’t want the second SIM and she SIGHS down the phone and tells me that her manager is making an exception and that this is a great deal. I say that I have no need of a second SIM. “Oh well you can just give it to a family member as you’ll be saving money in the end”.

    At this point I’d had enough and I hung up. Who the hell thinks that one person would want two SIM cards and that I would just pay for a family member to have a contract? Absolute idiots. 

    I’m really annoyed because up til now I’ve been really happy with 3 but this is the kind of shit that makes you realise all phone carriers are just basically arses.

  2. Dog owner creates fun illustrations with his Bull Terrier - Imgur

    I know a lot of people think Bull Terriers are ugly but they’re one of my favourite breeds. I love them!

  3. Just read a Facebook post about someone whose husband had lost their iPhone and were looking for it’s return. They’d put it into “Lost mode” and put another number up on the screen via Find My iPhone. They finished the post by saying it wasn’t the phone they wanted so much as the photos it contained. 

    So you could work out how to set up Find My iPhone but not how to back up to iCloud every night? Seriously?

  4. Microsoft is reportedly buying 'Minecraft' developer Mojang for $2 billion

    This is one of the weirder rumours I’ve had in recent months. What reason would Microsoft have to buy a company that’s only really made one game (and I’m pretty sure it’s still technically in beta) for $2BILLION? Even Bungie didn’t sell for that much and look at their history.

    Also the guy at Mojang ditched a version of Minecraft for VR when Facebook bought Oculus, will he really sell to Microsoft who aren’t much of a better company? 

    It’s an odd one for sure.

  5. Beard trimmed for hot weather in Barcelona.

    Beard trimmed for hot weather in Barcelona.

  6. London Day Three

  7. London Day Two.

  8. London Day Two.

  9. London Day One.

  10. Heartbreak Dream

    Summer anthem!

  11. An entire civilization circling the globe endlessly on a train split into a caste system. What could possibly go wrong?

  12. This past week I’ve been to the cinema twice, which I think is more times than I’ve been to the cinema all year. The only other film I think I’ve seen this year in the cinema was Amazing Spider-Man 2.

    On Wednesday I watched Godzilla which isn’t my usual type of film but the trailers made it look really good. The trailers lied.

    For a start there was never any appearance by anything other than Godzilla, yet within ten minutes two random other monsters show up. There were some good scenes and I liked the cinematography overall but I think it was mostly just a bit too silly. And don’t even get me started on Fatzilla.

    Then on Friday I went to see X-Men: Days of Future Past which was fantastic barring a few small niggles. My prime niggle was the devastation of the First Class supporting cast. Banshee, Azazel, Angel, Whirlwind Guy. All either dead or MIA. Alex Summers shows up in one scene and then vanishes.

    I’m curious which cast will be the next movies primary cast. I’d assume the younger ones but I would be surprised if they got in new actors again.


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